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Eat chocolate stay healthy

can i eat chocolate and still lose weight

How is your lifestyle that you are living? is it healthy yet you are gaining weight? Then there is something that you are doing wrong. Can you eat milk chocolate on a diet? is chocolate good for you ? Can i eat chocolate and still lose weight?

To find out what is the mistake that you are doing you first need to start writing a dairy. In that dairy you want to write about your whole day. How it went? What did you eat? What you did not eat? What you did? What is it that you are feeling?

When you are done in a good mood, where you have gone wrong. After you read that you will know where your mistakes are.

best time to eat chocolate
Dark chocolate could boost brain health

Now you might think I am a fool for a healthy person. But let me tell you that you have learned about chocolate since your childhood is all wrong. In fact chocolate are as beneficial for you as walnuts are. But let me tell you that I am not talking about milk chocolate or caramel for that instance. All that I am talking about is dark chocolate. I know that dark chocolate is the better it is for your health.

Now let me tell you about its health benefits:

Flavanols in dark chocolate are effective in:

  1. Lowering blood pressure
  2. Lowering cholesterol
  3. Lifting depression
  4. Providing anti-aging effects
  5. Serving as natural stimulant

It has been used medicinally in history as:

  1. Gain healthy weight for people who were underweight
  2. Improve digestion and elimination
  3. Improve bowel function
  4. Reduce Kidney stone
  5. Reduce or alleviate effects of anemia
  6. Increase appetite
  7. Eliminate mental fatigue
  8. Increase breast milk production
  9. Aid in the symptoms and discomfort of influenza
  10. Aid in symptoms of tuberculosis
  11. Reduce fever
  12. Alleviate gout symptoms
  13. Help pass kidney stones
  14. Increase sexual drive
  15. Energize and stimulate

People who eat a bar of dark chocolate a week were slimmer than those who do not. Flavoring found in dark chocolate help reduce bad cholesterol levels, improve blood flow to the brain and heart. The copper, zinc and iron content in dark chocolate help cell renewal for your skin and hair. Dark chocolate boost serotonin and endorphins which are so good as happy hormones reducing your sugar cravings!

I would recommend you to eat 2 to 3 squares of dark chocolate a day!

The bitter the better!

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